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Technology news from around the web: November 14 – 18, 2022

Written on Nov 18, 2022

In the future, there will be no passwords – because you keep giving yours away 
Your smartphone’s ability to scan your face and read your fingerprint are the key to better online security 

Top NFT-related cybersecurity, phishing, hacking and other risks in 2022 
While demand for NFTs continues to grow, unsuspecting consumers risk being exposed to a variety of novel security risks associated with the burgeoning digital asset technology and ecosystem. 

The 10 worst things about Windows 11 
Microsoft’s latest operating system gets praise for its clean design and improved performance, but some users are finding fault with its feature limitations. Here's what people hate most about Windows 11. 

Looking for the most helpful gift? Look to the cloud 
While a “cloud computing gift guide” might be unusual, it’s likely something you’ve considered in the past as you looked for the best present for someone. And even better? Most of the items make excellent last-minute suggestions. Here are some cloud-based ideas for the 2022 holiday season.