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Reports addresses how companies are handling cybersecurity

Written on Jun 10, 2022

A pair of cybersecurity reports, issued separately by AT&T and Accenture, point to trends of the public sector’s desire to compute at the edge -- elevating security concerns there -- and the need for CEOs to get more hands-on about cybersecurity. 

Earlier this year, AT&T released its 2022 Cybersecurity Insights Report and later published a report that asserted the public sector in the United States ranked as the lead early adopter in edge computing. AT&T also said it expected that market segment to lead as well in terms of securing the edge. The insights report was based on a survey conducted in September 2021 of 1,520 security practitioners from the United States, Europe, Central and South America and Asia. 

Takeaways from the AT&T report include: 

  • 74% of respondents believed a compromise at the edge is very likely and would be impactful 

  • 66% expressed concern about ransomware attacks at the edge 

  • 66% expressed concern about attacks against user and endpoint devices 

  • 64% expressed concern about attacks via cloud workloads 

The report from Accenture spoke to ways CEOs and CFOs regard and assess their organizations’ cybersecurity accountability. That report used data from Accenture’s State of Cybersecurity Resilience study, which gathered input from some 500 respondents. 

Takeaways from the Accenture report: 

  • Just 38% of responding CEOs and CFOs were confident that their cybersecurity programs actively protected more than 75% of their organization. 

  • Nearly all, 91%, of the CEOs and CFOs indicated IT held the most responsibility for cybersecurity. 

  • About half, 47%, of the CEOs and CFOs said poor allocation of funds prevented them from realizing their organizations’ cybersecurity objectives. Another 46% of CEOs and CFOs said lack of budget was the issue.