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Podcast Spotlight: Women’s History Month

Written on Mar 17, 2022

In recognition of Women’s History Month, OSCPA is highlighting some of the exceptional State of Business episodes that feature female guests. Check out the list below and for our complete list go to  

Eileen Connor, director of human resources at Bober Markey Fedorovich, offers insight on how to manage a difficult employee through a variety of scenarios. We discuss what being a difficult employee means, how to address behavior, and the impact difficult employees have on the organization and their team. 

Strategies for negotiating your next promotion 
Kim Radison, Founder of KKR Consult, LLC, covers how to prepare for a promotion negotiation, where people make mistakes and how often to ask for a promotion. Radison says knowing your worth is a crucial first step. 

Barb Smoot, president and CEO of Women for Economic and Leadership Development discusses the process of serving on a board of directors, what difference organizations expect and finding a worthwhile cause.   

To hear more from incredible female leaders and learn about issues impacting women in the workplace, join us for the Women, Wealth and Wellness conference on July 21