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March 1 registration deadline approaching

Written on Feb 19, 2021
The deadline to register with the Ohio Department of Taxation to administer businesses’ municipal net profit tax filings and payments for the 2021 tax year is almost here. 

The March 1 deadline is for Ohio businesses that have a taxable year that begins on January 1st.

Members can beat the March 1 deadline by going to the ODT website and under the section titled Registration, will find the Registration Generator Tool. That spreadsheet allows CPAs to register several clients at the same time.

Businesses that choose to file the municipal tax with the state will file up to four declarations of estimated payments and only one return that will cover all municipalities. Filing may be completed through the Gateway under ODT Centralized Filing – Municipal Net Profit Tax or through Modernized e-File.

After decades of effort by OSCPA the Ohio Supreme Court in November ruled the State Department of Taxation has the authority to create a centralized system for the collection of all municipal business income taxes.

The decision upholds OSCPA-supported reforms in 2014’s House Bill 5 and 2017’s HB 49 that eliminated the sales throwback rule and created a centralized filing and payment option for the municipal net profits tax. Read more on that ruling here.  

NOTE: The guideline for registration to file the municipal net profit tax with the state is that it must occur on or before the 1st day of the 3rd month after the beginning of a business’ taxable year (e.g. Taxable Year begins Aug. 1; registration due on or before Oct. 1).