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Written on Jan 7, 2021

OSCPA continually redefines the accounting profession's path, increases its workforce diversity, and encourages organizations to implement strategies for enhancing  inclusiveness in the workplace. 

Group of diverse people putting their hands together in the middle of a circle.

Throughout 2020, OSCPA: 

  • Helped advance the diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I) mindset. 
  • Stood firm on our stance against racism and for social justice.
  • Addressed generational, gender, ethnic and neurodiversity through Young CPAs and Women's Initiatives, Crossing Bridges series, Town Halls, student programs and more.
  • Granted $60,000 in scholarships to accounting majors through The Ohio CPA Foundation.
  • Grew the college and high school student membership population to over 11,000 in Ohio. 

We will continue to provide DE&I leadership in OSCPA's governance, membership, operations and programs in 2021. We encourage you to learn more and get involved