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CPA exam bill awaits governor approval

Written on Dec 23, 2020

OSCPA staff report

In a second major victory in as many months for the accounting profession in Ohio, the State Senate Friday evening passed a bill to allow students to sit for the CPA exam at 120 semester hours. The Ohio House concurred Dec. 22 with Senate changes, voting 61-25. A number of unrelated occupational licensing reform provisions added in the Senate raised concerns among some House members, causing the bill to lose its previously unanimous support in the lower chamber.

The bill will now head to Gov. Mike DeWine for his consideration and signature. If approved by DeWine, the bill will take effect 90 days after signature. In the meantime, the Accountancy Board of Ohio is preparing to adjust administrative rules impacted by HB 442, including considering whether to change when the required 30 accounting and 24 business hours must be completed: Before a candidate starts taking any parts of the Ohio CPA Exam or, as is the case in several states, when the candidate has completed most but not all of the required courses.