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CPA of Ohio: Michelle Smith

by Jessica Salerno | Aug 10, 2021
This week's CPA of Ohio is Michelle Smith, CPA, manager of assurance services at Clark Schaefer Hackett.

Are there any big lessons that you've learned as a parent?

eing like flexible, because things are going to change. A three and half year old is going to throw a fit if there is something he doesn't want. So being flexible and making things work, including if I have to work longer hours. Coming home and having dinner together is nice. And then getting back on later after he goes to bed to work.

Are there any places you'd love to visit in the future?
We talked about Japan at one point and my maternal grandmother is Japanese. So I think that'd be really cool to go and see like where she lived and see all the history. We talked about it a few years back before I had kids and my sister and my mom and I were all going to go, but it's kind of expensive. And then now that we've got two little ones, we're going to  wait until they're a little bit older, just because it's such a long travel with the flight. We will definitely make it one year, maybe five or six years from now. 

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