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CPA of Ohio: Ruben Becerra

by Jessica Salerno | May 25, 2021
This week's CPA of Ohio is Ruben Becerra, CPA, manager at William Vaughan Company.


What has it been like being a father to twin babies? 

It's been fun and it's been crazy. I feel like every day is a learning experience. It's always something new, like you definitely don't ever have it all figured out. And when you need to figure it out, they have a bad night sleeping or to do something else and you're learning something new. 

What was your favorite thing about growing up in a small town in Michigan?

Just knowing everybody. I would go to stores with my parents, and it would take us probably double or triple the time because my parents would know somebody as we're walking and stop and talk for 10-15 minutes. And so that was was nice, just the community aspect of it. 


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