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Ohio expands 2024 sales tax holiday

Written on Jun 13, 2024
Ohio will have an expanded sales tax holiday from 12 am Tuesday, July 30 through 11:59 pm Thursday, Aug. 8. 

This year’s holiday will run longer, include more eligible items to purchase and offer much higher price limits on items that will not be taxed. 

Previous holidays ran for three days and were limited to back-to-school related items including clothing of $75 or less, or school supplies or instructional materials of $20 or less. 

During this holiday, the sales tax exemption will apply to all goods that are $500 or less except for certain watercraft, motor vehicles, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, vapor products or any item that contains marijuana. 

More information about Ohio’s 2024 sales tax holiday is available on the Ohio Department of Taxation Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Sales Tax Holiday. 

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