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WWW Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Marissa Riehm

Written on Jun 6, 2024

By Jessica Barboza, OSCPA marketing and communications intern

Women, Wealth & Wellness scholarship recipient finds excitement in doing something different every day. 

Marissa Riehm finds excitement in doing something different each day, an experience that she’s found in her time working in the accounting profession. 

“There are so many opportunities within accounting. There’s not one singular job. There are a lot of different types of companies and lots of different roles,” said Riehm. 

Riehm, a rising junior majoring in operations management and business analytics, was first introduced to a career in finance at her high school’s bank where she set up student accounts, sorted and distributed statements and helped with administrative tasks. 

“I always had an option to do something different each day, not staying in a monotonous role and just getting to have that excitement of doing new things and new challenges,” said Riehm. 

After working up to the position of co-president for the school bank, an advisor recommended Riehm look into accounting as a career which led her to a tax administrative internship during her senior year. 

Also, during her senior year, Riehm attended an OSCPA Careers in Professional Accounting Camp (CPA Camp) day at Cincinnati State where she won an OSCPA scholarship and found out about an opening in the student ambassador program. 

As an ambassador, Riehm tabled at the atrium of the University of Cincinnati, informing students about the OSCPA student membership, her perspective on accounting and experiences that she had in the profession.  

“The profession is so much more than people realize,” said Riehm. “My biggest piece of advice is just trying it out. There are so many opportunities within accounting.” 

Receiving a Women, Wealth & Wellness scholarship is helping Riehm achieve her goal to graduate college debt free and alleviating the stress associated with the financial implications of attending college. 

“It means a lot to think people are willing to invest in my future,” said Riehm. “It makes me feel very valued. The people who are providing these scholarships care a lot about the future generations. They want to make an impact and provide so we’re able to explore different opportunities and be able to complete our college degrees while covering the financial impact.” 

Post-graduation, Riehm is hoping to go into consulting. 

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