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Nonprofit news from around the web: February 26 – March 2, 2024

Written on Mar 1, 2024

Financial management for nonprofits: The role of the nonprofit finance committee 
Financial management can be intimidating for many nonprofit professionals, especially those new to oversight roles in nonprofit organizations. This guide shares nonprofit finance committee best practices. 

Introduce pay transparency to your nonprofit 
Across virtually all industry sectors, employees and organizations are beginning to address the income inequality and wage disparities affecting women and people of color. Demystifying the traditionally secretive nature of employee compensation is a key step organizations can take to promote fair and equitable compensation for all employees. 

Why workers at growing number of nonprofits are unionizing 
Even as the economy cools and fears of recession grow, both union organizers and consultants who advise nonprofit leaders on the issue say nonprofit staff are continuing to unionize at a fast pace. 

Job sharing: 6 ways this old trend with new twist can fix hiring & retention woes 
Let’s go retro to fix hiring and retention woes: Job sharing could be this year’s solution. 

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