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Health care news from around the web: January 22 – 26, 2024

Written on Jan 26, 2024

Health care CFOs know the pandemic cost them big, but now there's a number attached for one state. Although most hospitals and health systems remained financially stable due to COVID relief funds, those funds have since dried up while the same challenges remain. 

The four-page bill lists how states should spend settlement money, but it doesn’t specify consequences for flouting the rules or name who is in charge of monitoring compliance. 

Whether physicians sink or swim in health care's business side boils down to four differences between clinical and nonclinical operations, according to a Harvard Business Review article. 

Traditional Medicare’s bar for reimbursing long-term care hospitals for severely ill, “high-cost outlier” patients has spiked under current payment policies. These policies are setting up long-term care providers to incur “greater and greater losses” and put beneficiaries' future access to care at risk, the AHA wrote in a white paper. 


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