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As HR functions expand, recruiting and retaining people leaders becomes more challenging

Written on Aug 31, 2023

The HR function has grown dramatically since its inception, from managing payroll and setting up benefits to contributing directly to the success of an organization through people leadership and recruiting and retention strategies. 

Since the pandemic, 55% of HR leaders have received more requests from managers and employees looking for support on upskilling, DE&I and remote/hybrid work arrangements, among other areas, and 80% have faced new challenges, including hybrid work productivity, AI work augmentation and allocation, and changes within the talent marketplaces, according to a recently released survey of 217 HR leaders by Gartner. 

While HR has been making strides to reduce burnout and mental fatigue among employees, their own burnout rates have been on the rise. Indeed, 71% of the HR leaders surveyed said burnout among their peers has become a greater challenge than before Covid-19 began. Additionally, one-half of respondents said it has become much harder to retain and recruit HR employees. 

In the past, HR was largely responsible for tasks related to employment policies and administration, but it has evolved to include optimizing the HR budget, helping to digitize the organization, and contributing to the company’s operating model, structure, and staffing in order to meet business needs, according to Gartner. 

To improve HR’s functionality, Gartner suggests departments throughout organizations collaborate to help HR focus on three key areas: prioritizing critical functions, investing in tech, and filling in the gaps in people capabilities by delegating non-critical HR functions to other staff. 

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