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Technology news from around the web: August 21 – 25, 2023

Written on Aug 25, 2023

Getting ahead of the AI culture shift 
With so many companies focused on AI lately, a “cross-functional AI SWAT team” is key to helping senior leadership teams stay one step ahead. 

Google starts warning users it will delete inactive accounts (with caveats) 
Google is taking the next step in deleting Google accounts that are no longer used, sending an email to all account holders. 

Why is technology not making us more productive? 
It feels like we are continuing to go through a huge period of innovation and technological advancement, but at the same time, productivity has slowed to a crawl. How can this be explained? 

Schools are teaching ChatGPT, so students aren’t left behind 
With more experts expecting the continued application of artificial intelligence, professors now fear ignoring or discouraging the use of it will be a disservice to students and leave many behind when entering the workforce. 

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