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White House, leading developers commit to managing risks from AI

Written on Jul 27, 2023

Marking the latest development in the Biden administration’s recently urgent push to respond to artificial intelligence, seven top tech firms committed to following a voluntary set of AI safeguards in concert with the federal government. 

The companies – which all have significant, leading investments in the development of AI technology – include some of the world’s most recognizable tech giants: Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft. ChatGPT-maker OpenAI and startups Anthropic and Inflection have also signed on.  

The obligations that the companies said they will hold themselves to are three-fold: That AI products will be ensured to be safe before being introduced to the public; that AI systems will be built to put security first; and that the companies will seek to earn the public’s trust. 

The companies also agreed to explore how AI can be used to meet challenges and contribute to society, including addressing cancer, the climate and investing in new jobs and education.  

Administration officials noted that the commitment was voluntary on behalf of those companies, and not necessarily binding. 

Experts called the pledge a "good first step," but questioned whether it will be effective without a firmer government mandate. 

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