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Financial institutions news from around the web: June 26 – 30, 2023

Written on Jun 30, 2023

Wells Fargo CFO warns of commercial real estate weakness 
Wells Fargo’s CFO is the latest big bank executive to detail commercial real estate distress and its potential impact on lenders. 

Banking regs seek consistency via new TPRM guidance 
U.S. banking regulators combined to issue final guidance on managing the risks of third-party relationships that replaces the previous documentation each agency released individually. 

Podcast: Risk management lessons for directors and officers from recent bank failures 
The first half of 2023 has seen three bank failures. In 2008–the last time multiple FDIC-insured banks failed–the collapse of the economy and massive bank reform followed. Industry experts discuss risk management. Were the challenges facing these banks unique, or are the risks more prevalent? 

Tougher capital requirements for midsize banks imminent: Gruenberg 
The long-awaited final update to the 2010 Basel III framework will require banks with over $100 billion in assets to hold more capital to withstand unexpected stress, the FDIC chair said. 

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