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How advocacy efforts drive the business climate

Written on Apr 27, 2023

By Jessica Salerno-Shumaker, OSCPA senior content manager  

A collective effort on workforce development will be crucial when it comes to solving the talent crisis.  

“As we continue to have these conversations, we need to convene people together to really look at these issues and ask how do we address these in a way that's best for the profession?” said Tiffany Crosby, CPA, chief officer of learning at OSCPA.  

Crosby joined The State of Business podcast this week with Barb Benton, CAE, vice president of government relations, to discuss how legislative efforts can help impact workforce development in the profession. Crosby said there is always a focus on making sure the profession is delivering value that's also adaptable and flexible to the business environment.  

“We're very involved with economic issues and driving the business climate in Ohio to make it stronger,” Benton said. “Because businesses want to be stronger, and CPAs love to help businesses grow and thrive. When we go down to the Statehouse, we're speaking on behalf of lots of industries and the legislators know that.”  

Benton said because OSCPA has members in every industry in the state, we are uniquely positioned to offer insights into Ohio’s business ecosystem. It’s critical that more accounting professionals receive the credential and continue to guide those businesses as trusted advisors. Efforts from the government relations team and workforce development will continue to ensure CPAs are appropriately skilled and offer the best service possible to those businesses.  

“We are the voice of the CPA profession,” Benton said. “And we are the only organization specifically dedicated to promoting and protecting the CPA credential and the professional interests of our members.”  

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