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Talent management news from around the web: April 17 – 21, 2023

Written on Apr 21, 2023

Accountants demand change or else 
Rethinking the future of accounting could persuade some of the over two-thirds of accountants who may want to leave the profession to stay put, according to a new study. 

How universities are working to boost the CPA pipeline 
Two universities found approaches to attract more students to accounting programs and encourage them to pursue CPA licensure. 

Harvard expert shares her no. 1 ‘undesirable trait CEOs see in employees 
Of the many traits people bring to the workplace, one stands out as an absolute “trust breaker,” according to a Harvard career expert.  

Metric of the month: How many learning days should you offer employees 
Dedicated learning time is essential for developing a strong pipeline of future finance leaders. 

Is ChatGPT the future of recruiting 
Recruiters are beginning to experiment with ChatGPT, finding new ways to automate the tedious parts of their job.