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Young CPA finds fulfillment in getting involved with profession

Written on Mar 30, 2023

By Cecilia Yontz, OSCPA marketing and communications intern 

Everything started to fall into place once Kortni Spates discovered her passion for accounting.  

“I actually started out as a chemistry major with the thought that I wanted to go to medical school and then about halfway through, I decided to completely switch to accounting,” said Spates, CPA, and tax senior at Zinner & Co. “I ended up loving it and never looked back.” 

With her determination and strong skill set, Spates was able to finish her degree in three years. Since then, Spates has continued to advance in her career and maintain her passion for the profession. 

“I love the work that I do, and I love that it always changes. It's not a field that gets boring because there are so many different things that you can do in accounting,” said Spates. “When I first started out, I did a lot of individual tax stuff and some bookkeeping things, but now I do things that are more business tax focused and that's something that I enjoy because it'll constantly change.” 

As a young professional, Spates recognizes the value of getting involved and continuing to learn and develop new skills. This led her to join OSCPA’s YCPA Cleveland committee.  

“Right now, I'm at a point in my career where I think that I want to start trying to get involved in different ways and anyway I can,” Spates said. “I thought that YCPA was something that fit me because it's for young CPAs, but also, I can develop those soft skills. Technical skills will come with experience, but those other skills, you don't get those just from working every day.” 

Thus far in her young career, Spates has learned a lot of valuable lessons that will continue to help her grow and advance.  

“One of the biggest things that I have learned is how to attack situations that make you uncomfortable,” she said. “And sometimes you have to either have uncomfortable conversations, or you have to deal with things that maybe you prefer not to. I think that I have learned to be very straightforward and clear with what I want or how I feel about something.” 

If you are a young professional looking to get involved in a YCPA Committee, learn more here!  

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