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Talent management news from around the web: March 20 – 24, 2023

Written on Mar 23, 2023

How to effectively onboard remote hires 
Human resource experts and accounting firms offer ways to help remote hires connect with their team and their new employer’s culture. 

7 advantages of making career pathing the pillar of your employer value proposition 
Career pathing isn’t easy, but the rewards far outweigh the efforts. 

DoD has a new plan to apply enterprise-wide talent management to its cyber workforce 
The Pentagon is rolling out a new plan to build and develop its IT and cyber workforce — an employee population that spans across at least 150,000 military and civilian positions, but as of now, suffers from a 25% vacancy rate. 

Ways HR is thinking about attracting and retaining Gen Z talent 
The impact of Gen Z on the workforce may be greater than the pandemic and a potential recession. Top HR executives are taking notice and adapting their recruiting and employee management practices around how to get and keep these younger workers.