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Report: HR lacks support, funding to achieve 2023 priorities

Written on Feb 24, 2023

HR executives say none of their top 10 priorities for 2023 are supported or well-funded, according to research by The Hackett Group.  

HR’s top five priorities for the year are: developing executives who can manage a changing business environment, recruiting and retention, serving as a strategic advisor, fostering growth and establishing or maintaining a high-performing culture.  

“There are concerning signs of a real disconnect between stated priorities, investments and confidence in their ability to deliver,” Associate Principal Franco Girimonte said in a news release. “If these gaps and disconnects continue, HR organizations are likely to fall behind, and when the next crisis hits, it will be even more of a struggle to keep up.” 

HR leaders aren’t empowered to lead and address the needs they see in the business, a recent report by Accenture found. That’s because companies still see HR largely as administrative and don’t give HR departments necessary tech, budgets and resources, the report said.  

Many HR groups don’t have any actual improvement initiatives in place to address their 2023 priorities, The Hackett Group report found.  

The Hackett Group Senior Research Director Anthony DiRomualdo said the No. 3 priority — acting as a strategic advisor to the business — is an area of concern.  

“With so many people-related issues affecting business success, this is critical. But only 23% of HR organizations have a major 2023 initiative planned to address this objective — the lowest among the top 10 priorities,” DiRomualdo said in a news release.  

HR leaders also face looming productivity and efficiency gaps, according to the The Hackett Group report found. While workloads are predicted to increase by 10.5%, the group predicted minimal increases in staffing and budgets.