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Nonprofit news from around the web: February 20 – 24, 2023

Written on Feb 24, 2023

What kinds of engagement should nonprofits be encouraging? 
For nonprofits looking to adapt their communication efforts and volunteer opportunities to the changing preferences of individuals, the following strategies might be helpful. 

7 ways to prioritize donor acquisition and retention this year 
Nonprofits continue to raise more funds from fewer donors. These statistics underscore the importance of not only keeping your donors, but also acquiring new ones. Here are seven ways to prioritize as you strategize for the most lucrative 2023 possible. 

Unrestricted grants and their impact on nonprofits 
What actually happens when nonprofits receive large, unrestricted grants? The emerging empirical answer, is that “the effects have been dramatically and profoundly positive.” This creates grounds for optimism that giving in this way has breakthrough potential. 

A simple system for turning social media followers into offline donors 
If your nonprofit has an audience on social media, the next step is to turn followers into donors. Here’s how.