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Technology news from around the web: February 13 – 17, 2023

Written on Feb 17, 2023

How to easily access your home network from anywhere 
Enabling remote access to your home network is a great way to use local resources, like a media server or even your desktop PC, while you're away from home. It's important to do so securely, however, to protect your network, data and privacy. 

Cybersecurity budgets are going up. So why aren't breaches going down? 
Despite growing attention and budgets for cybersecurity in recent years, attacks have only become more common and more severe. While threat actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated and organized, it’s just one piece to the puzzle in determining why cybercrime continues to rise and what organizations can do to stay secure. 

What is ChatGPT? And is it going to take your job? 
You've seen the headlines about this very human-sounding AI chatbot. Here's what you need to know about ChatGPT—and how to try it yourself. 

10 ways you’re making your wifi network vulnerable to attack 
Before discussing the simple ways people leave their home networks vulnerable to exploitation, here is the most common reason why these networks end up being vulnerable in the first place.