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Risk management and fraud news from around the web: February 13 – 17, 2023

Written on Feb 15, 2023

Risk management for most organizations means business and financial risk, and increasingly non-financial risk such as operational and conduct risk. Here’s why understanding, identifying and mitigating culture risk is critically important to an organization’s long-term success. 

The pandemic’s upheaval has taught risk professionals valuable lessons that will serve them well as they face the challenges ahead. So, what’s on the risk management horizon? And how might risk professionals augment their vast experience and expertise with the right technology for greater agility in the year to come?  

Despite growing attention and budgets for cybersecurity in recent years, attacks have only become more common and more severe. While threat actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated and organized, it’s just one piece to the puzzle in determining why cybercrime continues to rise and what organizations can do to stay secure. 

Social unrest, climate change and business travel will present challenges for security teams in 2023.