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2022 income tax filing season now underway

Written on Jan 27, 2023

The opening day for electronic filing of the 2022 Ohio individual income tax and/or school district income tax return began Monday, Jan. 23, 2023. The IRS will also begin accepting 2022 federal income tax returns that day. 

There are two changes that could impact the preparation of the state income tax return: 

  • All tax brackets have been adjusted for inflation. As a result, taxpayers with taxable income of $26,050 or less will pay no income tax. 

  • A new, nonrefundable credit is available for employing certain people enrolled in a certified vocational training program (work-based learning program). 

For the fastest processing available, the Ohio Department of Taxations suggest submitting returns electronically using I-file, or file using a commercial software product or tax preparer.  

The deadline for filing both Ohio and federal tax return is April 18, 2023. As a reminder, a request for a filing extension does not extend payment due date. 

For more information, or call the taxpayer assistance line at 800.282.1780.