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Miscommunication lowers companies’ cybersecurity

Written on Jan 20, 2023

Miscommunication between company executives and their information technology (IT) departments can lead not only to additional costs to recover from cybersecurity attacks but also to a decline in workplace morale, according to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. 

A survey conducted by Kaspersky revealed that 62% of their top-tier manager respondents dealt with at least one cybersecurity incident in their organizations due to miscommunication with the IT security team. 

This comes at a cost, Kaspersky cautioned, citing a Forrester analytics survey that claimed companies spend about $2.4 million to detect and resolve cybersecurity breaches. 

The study also showed that the “breakdown in communication” often resulted in “serious project delays” and “waste of budget.” Almost a third of the respondents said they experienced such issues more than once. 

“In addition to worsening business indicators, unclear communication with IT security employees also affects the emotional state of the team and makes executives question IT security employees’ skills and abilities,” the study said. 

Some 28% of the respondents said the misunderstandings make them lose confidence in the safety of their companies’ cybersecurity defenses. 

The gap in communication also made the several teams in the companies feel “less connected and collaborative,” according to 34% of the respondents. 

The cybersecurity firm stressed the need for the different teams to work together in understanding each other’s roles in the company. 

Both the IT and non-IT managers are also advised to gain more knowledge about each other’s fields through training courses.