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OSCPA student ambassador sees benefits of networking

Written on Jan 12, 2023

By Cecilia Yontz, OSPCA marketing and communications intern 

Taking advantage of the opportunities that have come her way has made all the difference for OSCPA student ambassador Haven Farson.  

“Getting to know people and being able to see what connections they have is really important,” said Farson, a junior at Ashland University majoring in accounting and minoring in business management.  


From becoming a student ambassador to getting a summer internship and attending The Accounting Careers Leadership Academy (ACLA), networking has opened a lot of doors for Farson.  

“I got an email one day asking if I would want to interview to be a student ambassador, and I could have just ignored it,” she said. “Instead, I took advantage of the opportunity that was given and that has really led me to network and connect with a lot of different professionals and students. So, take advantage of any opportunity you're given because you don't know what it will lead to.” 

Farson also credits the relationships that she has built with her professors for helping her academically and professionally. She noted how professors such as Dr. Victoria Kaskey have presented opportunities to her outside of class.  

“Dr. Kaskey set up a Promise Award trip for me last spring where I was able to visit four accounting firms up in the Cleveland and Akron areas,” she said. “That really gave me the opportunity to explore different fields in accounting and I got an internship out of it, so it was a good trip.” 

At ACLA, Farson enjoyed meeting other students and professionals. The company that Farson will be interning for this summer attended the conference and she was able to network with others in the field. Additionally, Farson received a scholarship from Ernst & Young.  

“It meant a lot that businesses were willing to donate money to us students,” she said. “It was nice that they saw potential in me to give me money to continue my academic career.” 

This spring, Farson will intern at Bober Markey Fedorovich before returning to school in the fall for her senior year.  

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