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Nonprofit news from around the web: January 9 – 13, 2023

Written on Jan 11, 2023

More than 300,000 U.S. accountants and auditors have left their jobs in the past two years, a 17% decline, and the dwindling number of college students coming into the field can’t fill the gap.  

The debate has been raging for decades. Add a teaser to the outer envelope of your direct mail appeal. Or don’t. Which is better? 

Many nonprofits implement new ideas without undergoing rigorous functional testing. At best, this results in wasted time, energy, and resources. Here are five tips on how you can improve this process in practical and effective ways. 

Nonprofit boards that are too small can fall short of their goals or stagnate, but boards that are too big can quickly become unwieldly for governance and operations. What size is the right size? Here are six tips to consider.