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Risk management and fraud news from around the web: January 2 – 6, 2023

Written on Jan 6, 2023

What organizations can take away from the new CISA strategic plan 
The 2023-2025 CISA Strategic Plan addresses the current challenges faced by the public and private sectors and charts a path forward by focusing on four strategic goals: cyber defense, risk reduction and resilience, operational collaboration and agency unification. 

Growing cybersecurity skills gap necessitates human factor security 
Cyberattacks continue to increase, globally impacted by a number of factors including the shift to remote work during the pandemic and also socio-political conflicts, such as the war in Ukraine. Perhaps the largest obstacle to cutting down on attacks, however, remains the massive cyber skills gap and talent shortage. 

Outrageous stories from three cyber incident responders 
One of the underrated perks of working in incident response might be the ability to tell outrageous true stories. Three incident responders recount some of the most exciting experiences they’ve had working in the field. 

AI and risk management: Are financial services future-proof? 
AI is being used to recommend investments using a data-driven approach and identify fraudulent transactions based on spending habits. High-profile incidents, such as the glitch in Knight Capital’s trading algorithm, have resulted in increased industry, public and regulatory concern. Nonetheless AI adoption need not be risky business.