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OSCPA student ambassador eager to help other accounting students

Written on Dec 15, 2022

By Cecilia Yontz, OSPCA marketing and communications intern 

Kaleigh Kroon, a junior accounting major at Kent State University, enjoys using her knowledge and experiences to help others.  

Kroon discovered her passion for accounting in high school. She had taken some accounting courses and when it came time for her to decide on her college major, accounting felt like the obvious choice. “It felt really natural to me,” says Kroon. “I'm a very analytical and strategic thinker and I like how I can use that to solve problems that come across as more difficult.” 

Through taking college accounting courses in high school and her undergraduate classes, Kroon has developed a strong foundational knowledge of accounting and wants to share her education with fellow students. 

“I've tried to help people gain professional experience because a lot of the people at my school had never heard about taking a semester off for an internship until they were supposed to be interviewing,” says Kroon. “Being able to provide some guidance that I have known since freshman year has been really enjoyable.” 

As an OSCPA student ambassador, Kroon has had a platform to help others and offer advice. This fall, Kent State University held a Meet the Accountants Career Fair, one of the many opportunities that Kroon has had to guide other students.  

“Because I already had an internship lined up, I was able to really focus on helping other people find their internships and what they wanted to do, recommend different firms, and make connections with people I knew within the firm.”  

Next spring, Kroon will take the semester off to work full time for Bober Markey Fedorovich in Akron as a tax intern. She is hoping to stay with the firm over the summer and then return to school. Once she graduates, Kroon is hoping to start with public accounting and tax. 

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