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CPA Voice: Sink or swim? Getting onboarding right at your company

Written on Dec 15, 2022

Finding and retaining quality talent has been difficult for all accounting firms no matter their size. Developing the onboarding process is something that firms can do to aid in creating a better workplace environment for new hires.  

“While welcoming new hires with some company swag, maybe a team lunch, or a social media post are common go-to moves of today’s busy business leaders,” writes Carolyn Tang Kmet in the November/December issue of CPA Voice. “A bit more empathy and effort on their part can go a long way in ensuring the fresh faces joining their firms keep their heads above water.”  

Kmet said that new recruits often find it difficult and intimidating to adapt to their new role in a developed workplace since they have limited experience, so it is important to throw them a lifeline before ultimately sending them off on their own. 

No matter the onboarding initiatives put in place, Kmet wrote that ultimately, it is up to the new hires to learn and find their way in an organization.  

“There’s only so much an organization can do to onboard their new hires and keep their heads above water in a demanding profession,” she said. “Eventually they need to learn to tread water and then swim on their own.” 

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