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Technology news from around the web: November 28 – December 2, 2022

Written on Dec 2, 2022

Bechtel picked to build $20 billion Intel project in New Albany 
Intel has announced that Bechtel Corp. will build its $20 billion semiconductor manufacturing project in New Albany. 

New artificial intelligence tool predicts when a bank should be bailed out by taxpayers 
An artificial intelligence tool could help governments decide whether or not to bail out a bank in crisis by predicting if the intervention will save money for taxpayers in the long term. 

No more passwords: How to set up Apple’s passkeys for easy sign-ins 
Introduced in iOS 16, passkeys eliminate passwords for supported apps and websites, instead letting you sign in with Face ID or Touch ID. 

How to use two-factor authentication to lock down your accounts the right way 
The best 2FA methods don’t depend on a phone number. Here’s what to use instead.