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Health care news from around the web: November 28 – December 2, 2022

Written on Nov 30, 2022

AI can be used to not only detect depression risks, but also to treat depression with tools to manage depression symptoms by collecting feedback, providing personalized recommendations, delivering the right content, being a surrogate companion, and ensuring employee voices are being heard. 

Launched earlier this month, Amazon Clinic offers message-based care for 18 conditions such as pink eye and male hair loss, as well as certain types of birth control. Users can also renew prescriptions for additional conditions including high cholesterol and asthma. 

How private equity firms are purchasing hospitals and what repercussions it's having on patients and staff. 

The first bill of its kind would mandate that employers pay temporary workers, on average, as much as regular, direct-hire employees who do the same or similar work. The temp workers, who include agency nurses, would get the cash equivalent of the benefits provided to the regular direct care employees.