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PODCAST: Experts offer business management tips

Written on Nov 23, 2022
By Jessica Salerno-Shumaker, OSCPA senior content manager 

While it’s encouraging if your business is doing well, it’s crucial to consider future challenges and growth opportunities to ensure longevity.  

We spoke with several business experts in this week’s podcast episode on business management tips to help your business grow and evolve to meet the rapid pace of change.  

“That may not sound like something that's part of an accountant's job, or even completely relevant to a hard-nosed businessperson, because the environmental and the social part are clearly external to the business,” said Mary Adams, founder of Smarter Companies. “But there are a number of things happening now that make it critical to not only the perception and brand of a company but also to its financial results.” 


“People are becoming more comfortable with finding the specific kind of resources they need,” said Lee Frederikson, managing partner at Hinge, a firm for professional services. “They’re looking for really relevant expertise, more so than just the relationship.”  


“I think smart companies are able to use this global operating model to have their consultants create stickiness and evolve into trusted advisors,” said Sumit Mahajan, Global Chief Sales Officer at DataMatics Business Solutions, Inc. “This way they are elevating their status with the clients.”  


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