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Report: Health care costs are the cheapest in these states

Written on Nov 14, 2022

The cost of health care is the most affordable in Michigan, according to a new report. 

The ranking put Washington as the second most affordable state for health care, followed by Nevada, Hawaii and New Mexico, respectively.  

Researchers based the list on data from the Kaiser Family Foundation and ranked states on 11 different affordability metrics ranging from percent increase in out-of-pocket health care expenditures over five years, to percent of residents who did not see a doctor in the past year due to cost. 

Ohio came in at number 41 with a score of 34.85 out of 100 and an average health care expenditure per person of $10,093.  

At the top of the list, Michigan received a score of 0 out of a possible 100. The state’s five-year increase in health care spending per person was the sixth lowest in the nation at 13.67%, while residents with employer-provided insurance pay some of the nation’s lowest premiums and deductibles.  

In addition, residents with an individual health plan from the Affordable Care Act marketplace have the fourth lowest average annual premium in the country at $4,092 per year. That total is only cheaper in Minnesota, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.  

In Michigan, half of residents receive health insurance through their employer while 23.5% of the population is covered by Medicaid, according to KFF data. 

Washington, which scored a 1.93 out of 100, has the fourth lowest ranking for the percentage of children whose families had challenges paying for a child’s medical bills in the past year. Just six percent of families reported facing this financial hurdle. Washington is also among the wealthiest states in America.  

Overall, the state had the 10th lowest increase in five-year increase of health care spending per person at more than 14%, authors wrote, marking almost half the cost increases seen in New York and Hawaii, where the biggest jumps were recorded.  

Although Nevada ranked third for the most affordable health care costs in the country, the state did have the 11th highest percentage of adults who delayed care in the past year due to cost concerns.  

On the other end of the spectrum, South Dakota ranked as the most expensive state for health care, followed by Louisiana, West Virginia, Florida and Wyoming.