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Talent management news from around the web: November 7 – 11, 2022

Written on Nov 10, 2022

‘Tis the season – to update your company's employee handbook 
An outdated handbook can be a liability, particularly for multistate employers with a widely dispersed work force. Here are a few particularly key and nuanced issues to assess when deciding whether to update some of the most-referenced sections in any handbook: paid leave, expense reimbursement, and anti-harassment and discrimination. 

88% of employers are offering return-to-office incentives. Here’s how to negotiate yours 
When it comes to convincing those who’d still prefer remote work to coming back, most employers are trying to make it worth their while. Can workers whose companies are asking them to come back take this as an opportunity to negotiate their arrangement?  

Paycheck, culture, work-life balance: How to attract and retain millennial accountants 
Millennials are the future of the accounting profession. Much has already been written about their generation’s preferences and the implications for employers. To attract and retain employees, however, it is important for employers to understand employees’ perceptions of their own values, talents and needs. 

Talent trends: Offering hybrid work model is only the start 
A large majority of North American finance leaders expect their company to feature a hybrid workplace model in 2023 and beyond, in part as a response to employee preferences in the midst of talent shortages.