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Prediction: 20% employee turnover will continue for the near term

Written on Nov 10, 2022

The pandemic, remote and hybrid work, and cost-of-living increases are disrupting the workforce like never before. And these trends are prompting employees to reconsider the role of work in their lives, according to Gartner. 

At a recent conference, the research and consultancy firm said workforces are fragmenting and employees are feeling less connected to their jobs. Gartner analysts said the best defense against fragmentation and disconnection for employers is to focus on being more human as employees have done more soul searching over the past few years. 

Gartner said 65% of employees are reconsidering the role of work in their lives. Families, hobbies and communities are relatively more valued now than in the past. The company is predicting a 20% turnover for the foreseeable future, and in the remote and hybrid workplace, barriers to job switching are as low as they've ever been. 

Technology isn't necessarily making life for workers easier; about 10% of an employee's time is spent opening and closing applications. 

One way to counter the workforce negatives is to focus on "intentional interactions" or relationship-building connections. Don't just grow an employee's workplace skills, but also provide an environment for overall growth. 

To improve the work climate, Gartner analysts pointed to companies that allow employees to use a learning platform to learn anything, with the idea that all development is professional development, Shells said. Other companies offer enrichment time or time to work with a charity in addition to personal time off. 

One practice is "proactive rest," which can involve setting aside nap time or meeting-free days or weeks. Companies that do this have seen a 26% increase in performance, the research firm stated. 

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