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OSCPA student ambassador passionate about helping other accounting students

Written on Nov 10, 2022

By Cecilia Yontz, OSPCA marketing and communication intern 

Ann Nguyen, senior accounting and quantitative economics major at Case Western Reserve University, found her passion for accounting and is enjoying helping others find theirs, too. 

Prior to choosing accounting as one of her majors, Nguyen was pre-med. However, she wanted a more collaborative experience and found her way to business and then accounting. “I picked accounting because I feel like with accounting, you learn the backbone of business,” she says. “You're handling the financial statements on transactions, so you really understand the fundamentals of the business. And I think it's a really useful skill, whether you choose to work in the corporate sector, or you decide to go private, or even start your own business.” 

For Nguyen, helping other accounting students discover and utilize the resources that are available for them is one highlight of being an OSCPA student ambassador. One resource that Nguyen thinks is particularly helpful is the CPA practice exam questions that OSCPA offers. She noted that this is an element that drew her to OSCPA, and she wants to make sure that other students are aware of this incredible opportunity.  

“I think it's great to be able to help the young students, the freshman and sophomores, to make informed decisions about preparing for the CPA exam,” says Nguyen. “If they know more about it beforehand, they can be better prepared for it and it’s nice to help them answer the questions. I can see myself in them a couple of years ago. I did not have a lot of information, so it's nice to see that I'm now able to use my experience to help them.” 

As Nguyen’s confidence grew throughout college, so did her desire to share this knowledge and her experiences. “Now as a senior, I feel more confident in my accounting experience,” she said. “I really want to promote the Ohio Society of CPAs for other students who are working on the same path as I was to get more information about information such as the CPA exam.” 

Last winter, Nguyen had the opportunity to intern at Ernst & Young and has since accepted an offer to work there after she graduates in the spring. 

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