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Report: Ohio employers do better than most when finding employees

Written on Oct 28, 2022

Ohio employers are faring much better than colleagues across the country when it comes to hiring employees, according to a new report released by the personal finance website WalletHub. 

The report rated states based on the rate of job openings both in the latest month and the last 12 months to determine percentages of job openings.  

Alaska, the state facing the most struggles, has an 11.9% job opening rate for the latest month and a 9.78% for the last 12 months. 

Ohio, which ranked as the 11th best state in terms of finding employees, was at 5.5% for the latest month and 6.97% over the past year. 

Both Michigan and Indiana each fared better as Ohio neighbors, but Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania were all worse. 

"Ohio employers have the 11th smallest hiring struggle in the US. The state's job openings rate for the latest month was one of the lowest in the country at 5.5%. This means that the labor market here is characterized by stability, and that employees are satisfied with their workplace and benefits offered,” WalletHub said in a release. “Overall, the fact that companies are able to retain their employees is a good sign for the state's economy and leads to higher productivity and investor confidence." 

In addition to Alaska, the states struggling the most to find employees are Wyoming, Montana, Kentucky and West Virginia. Those struggling the least include New York, the District of Columbia, Washington, Kansas and Michigan.