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Health care news from around the web: October 3 – 7, 2022

Written on Oct 7, 2022

Health care saw less job loss than other industries during pandemic, research finds 

Reported unemployment rates among healthcare workers didn’t rise as much as those for workers in other fields during the pandemic, according to research in JAMA. 

Survey: 67% of employers to prioritize controlling health care costs over next 3 years 

Employers expect healthcare costs to increase 6% next year, up from the 5% increase they are experiencing this year. Respondents don’t see this improving down the road either, with 71% saying they anticipate moderate to significant increases over the next three years. 

How tech is tackling adverse drug events 

Physicians and pharmacists now face hundreds of medication-related decisions every day so finding reliable data to support clinical screening can be a challenge. 

How cloud tech for gaming is being applied to health care 

Ask most medical doctors where they received their training, and they’ll tell you about a cadaver lab or a hospital stint. But more and more, doctors are learning from their phones, from headsets, and even from a team of professionals stationed in another state or country.