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OSCPA announces CPA Preferred Candidates for November election

Written on Oct 2, 2022

OSCPA staff report

Read a letter from our President & CEO on our candidate evaluation process here.

As trusted advisers to Ohio’s business community and in fulfillment of their obligation to uphold the public interest, members of The Ohio Society of CPAs have had a longstanding and time-tested process for assessing candidates for statewide office in Ohio. We recognize that our state’s business leaders and citizens look to us to apply a considered and reasoned approach in evaluating candidates who support policies and positions that lead to a stable regulatory environment, a competitive business climate, and a strong economy.

OSCPA’s selection committee evaluates executive and legislative branch candidates for elected office in our state and identifies those individuals who adhere to the following foundational elements of building a stronger Ohio:

•  Advancing competitive tax and economic policies.
•  Fostering a strong and stable business and regulatory environment.
•  Working to build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable policy climate.
•  Committing to growing and maintaining a vibrant, highly skilled workforce.

Candidates for the judicial branch - Ohio Supreme Court - are evaluated largely on their judicial philosophy and case records.  OSCPA places great emphasis on supporting those jurists who uphold the separation of powers and whose record shows they do not legislate from the bench.

The Board is currently evaluating candidates for the Ohio House and Ohio Senate and expects to release a list of those who are CPA Preferred Candidates soon.

Executive Branch CPA Preferred Recommendations

Governor & Lt. Governor:  Mike DeWine & Jon Husted

“From their focus on infrastructure improvements to their workforce development efforts to their leadership during the challenging past few years, the DeWine administration is demonstrating that they are working to move Ohio forward.”

Treasurer of State:
Robert Sprague

“Sprague’s fiscal management of Ohio’s finances has contributed to the state’s new “AAA” credit rating, a first for Ohio that will result in significant taxpayer savings. Ohioans will benefit from his leadership over the next four years.”

Auditor of State: 
Keith Faber

“Faber’s considerable experience, management expertise, and commitment to Ohio’s taxpayers makes him the candidate of choice. His efforts to increase the number of performance audits alone identified more than $300 million in savings to Ohio taxpayers. And his focus on transparency and efficiency is helping build our citizens’ trust in state government." 

Secretary of State:
Frank LaRose

“His efforts to streamline new business filings in our state have fostered economic growth in Ohio. LaRose has proven to be a prudent and pro-business government official.”

CPA Preferred Judicial Recommendations:

Chief Justice, Ohio Supreme Court:  Sharon Kennedy

“The Ohio Society of CPAs has selected Justice Sharon Kennedy as the CPA Preferred candidate for the role of Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. She is a highly qualified and respected jurist who has a strong record of judicial restraint. And Justice Kennedy’s efforts to champion stability and predictability are helping Ohio’s business climate to remain competitive.”

Ohio Supreme Court Justice:  Pat DeWine 

“The Ohio Society of CPAs has selected Justice Pat DeWine as the CPA Preferred candidate for an additional term as on the Ohio Supreme Court. Justice DeWine has a strong track record of exercising judicial restraint. His ability to apply the law as written and avoid injecting his personal beliefs allows Ohio to have a more predictable and stable legal environment.”

Ohio Supreme Court Justice:  Pat Fischer

“The Ohio Society of CPAs has selected Justice Pat Fischer as the CPA Preferred candidate for an additional term on the Ohio Supreme Court.  Fischer’s extensive legal expertise, combined with his philosophy of independence, predictability, and stability earned him OSCPA’s CPA Preferred candidate status.”

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