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A letter from our President & CEO

Written on Oct 2, 2022

Trust. It is the bedrock upon which the profession stands. It is more central to this profession than it has ever been. All around us though we see signs that in institutions--government, NGOs, and the media, trust is eroding. For the second consecutive year, The Edelman Trust Barometer has identified trust as the ultimate currency in relationships, recognizing that “societal leadership is now a core function of business”. The fact that I write that very sentence most certainly does not mean that all agree that should be the case. But failing to recognize the change that is afoot and the opportunities it presents is a failure in leadership we must not allow our profession to commit. As a profession that embraces its obligation to the public interest, we have a vital role to play in re-establishing trust.

Over the past ten months, trust has been and remains a conversation that has been front and center for The Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA) Board of Directors. How we continue to position CPAs as Ohio (and America’s) most trusted business advisors is central to the value we create and the solutions we provide for individuals and the entities that employ them. As we approach the November 2022 elections, the consideration of candidates for political office is a long-standing and important process for OSCPA. Candidates who wish to participate do so through in-person interviews, responses to questionnaires, and voting records, all overseen by CPAs who make recommendations to the Board of Directors. This process is intended to inform CPAs throughout the state about candidates who support the issues that matter to the accounting profession, who engage with OSCPA and its members, and who seek counsel from CPAs and the association on relevant policy issues. It is an essential part of our advocacy work.

That CPAs willingly accept your role as leaders and visionaries for the future of Ohio’s business climate – means taking seriously opportunities to be deliberate in our approach to candidate evaluation based on evolving business and public priorities. Our preferred candidates are those who consistently listen to and support business issues that matter to the accounting profession. Societal and workforce expectations are changing and our consideration of issues that extend “beyond the balance sheet” is as well.

As trusted business advisors, CPAs recognize there are policies and programs that can best position Ohio to lead in attracting and retaining its highly skilled workforce. We also observe there are policies that may dissuade talent from coming to or remaining in our state. Engaging the workforce and prioritizing human capital is a business imperative. To remain competitive in the future, included in this prioritization must be intentionality on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Doing so, thereby positively impacts the business community and Ohio’s ability to compete and ensure economic opportunity is available to all.

Addressing Ohio’s ability to welcome and maintain a viable, thriving workforce is an absolute necessity for CPAs and those they serve. We recognize and embrace the role we have in working with Ohio’s elected leaders to better inform them of the impacts of decisions being made to attract and retain the human capital needed to power our businesses.

Candidates preferred by the OSCPA are considered against critical measures reflecting their overall business leadership and advocacy for Ohio’s strong economy, as well as the policies and issues that will make Ohio a state where all are welcome. They include:

  • Advancing competitive tax and economic policies.
  • Providing a strong and stable business and regulatory environment.
  • Building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable policy climate; and
  • Growing and maintaining a vibrant workforce

As these issues are cornerstones of a state’s ability to grow and thrive in the long term, the OSCPA intends to be a strong voice for ensuring economic opportunities are available to all and to take meaningful action to support those candidates who share our commitment to creating a state where our current and future workforce thrives.

We are introducing the CPA Preferred candidates recommended and approved by your peers for your consideration for the current election cycle. Read the Ohio General Assembly candidates here and the judicial and executive branch candidates here. In races where CPAs did not identify a preferred candidate, we offer no commentary or candidate preference.

Following the election and with accountability to our Board of Directors we will review our efforts and the outcomes of our recommendations to inform how we continue to elevate our advocacy efforts and the profession’s influence at Capitol Square. I look forward to sharing the outcome of both with you.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us. I welcome your feedback and thoughts, click here to get in touch with me. 

Have a great week ahead,


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