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Nonprofit news from around the web: September 26 – 30, 2022

Written on Sep 28, 2022

Innovation thrives in the not-for-profit sector despite economic pressures 
The COVID-19 pandemic has, unsurprisingly, squeezed the nonprofit industry. According to UHY LLP’s inaugural Not-for-Profit Survey of industry executives, funding has largely plateaued over the past year, with over half (54%) of respondents reporting that their funding had either remained the same or declined. Just one-third (33%) say it increased. 

How record inflation is hurting nonprofits and how they can fight back 
Since we have not seen inflation at this level in decades, many nonprofit organizations simply don’t have much experience dealing with it. Here are some of the biggest ways that inflation may be affecting your charity and advice for navigating through this fiscal storm. 

Safe harbors come with strings attached 
Many nonprofit managers have found it beneficial to use independent contractors rather than full-time employees for a variety of reasons. Their motives are usually financial, but many managers have found themselves getting into trouble with regulating authorities.  

Fundraising when times are bad: foundations and grants 
Worried about shrinking foundation endowments? That’s going to happen during a recession, but that doesn’t mean you should pull back. When it comes to grants and foundation fundraising during tough times, keep in mind the following.