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Technology news from around the web: September 19 – 23, 2022

Written on Sep 21, 2022

Speed up your PC with this 60-second tune-up tip 
Disabling Windows startup apps is a dead-simple way to improve PC performance. 

Microsoft Excel now has an IMAGE() function 
Microsoft is testing a new function in Excel, called IMAGE, which returns an image within a cell. Unlike the existing method of inserting an image (from the Insert tab), the new function keeps the image inside the cell, so it stays in place as you adjust rows and columns. 

The Ethereum Merge: What it is and why it is important 
There is a lot of buzz around "The Merge" for the Ethereum blockchain, and it is finally here. But what is The Merge, and why is it important? 

Video: Napa County wineries research new technology to fight climate change 
Temperatures, severe drought and wildfires are threatening grapevines in wine country. Winemakers are now seeing the effects of climate change and are determined to fight back with technology.