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Nonprofit news from around the web: September 12 – 16, 2022

Written on Sep 13, 2022

Here’s why your nonprofit team isn’t hitting its goals 
Your nonprofit likely has many goals it wants to accomplish, ranging in priority, scope and timeline. Some of your goals might be broad, while others are regarding a specific tactic. However, to lay a path to accomplish your goals, your nonprofit should follow a similar structure for writing each goal.  

The case for hiring older nonprofit professionals 
According to U. S. News and World Report and based upon a survey of employee benefits compiled by MetLife, organizations need to keep these 10 reasons in mind when considering hiring older people. 

How long is a long-range plan? 
Nonprofit managers know they need plans which happen as the result of a process – deciding where you want to be at some date in the future, and how you want to get there. 

The role of blockchain and NFTs in nonprofit fundraising 
The world is changing fast, and mission-driven projects need to move along at the same speed. With the advent of NFTs, DAOs, and distributed ledger technology, nonprofits can expand their impact and increase donor retention. Here’s how.