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Time to update: Apple identifies software security issues

Written on Aug 26, 2022

A security alert for iPhone users: Apple has identified security problems that could allow hackers to take control of your device.

Computer experts are encouraging iPhone users to install the latest update that corrects the issues right away, saying if a hacker gets inside your device, they can gain access to everything on it by impersonating you, taking over your apps, getting into your banking, maps and other personal information.

Apple reported that the exploit is complicated, so hackers would have to target specific people, like politicians, but it’s still important to protect yourself and the content on your device.

To update your phone:

  • Go to the settings app and click on general

  • Tap on software update

  • You will see the iOS update. Update your device from there.

If you believe your phone has been hacked, contact a professional right away.