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Talent management news from around the web: August 15 – 19, 2022

Written on Aug 19, 2022

3 steps for HR leaders to enhance virtual onboarding 
Onboarding new hires is challenging in an office setting – but even more so when remote. HR leaders can leverage three strategies to better support new hires. 

The Great Attrition is making hiring harder. Are you searching the right talent pools? 
People keep quitting at record levels, yet companies are still trying to attract and retain them the same old ways. New research identifies five types of workers that employers can reach to fill jobs. 

Lawsuit is stark reminder: Tread carefully in disability conversations with employees 
Legal experts are warning nursing home leaders that inappropriate conversations with employees about disabilities, medical conditions or their general health can be costly, after a federal court allowed a worker’s discrimination lawsuit to proceed. 

LGBTQ+ inclusion essential for Ohio businesses, experts say 
A positive score on the Human Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index is gaining more and more significance as LGBTQ+ inclusivity has become a “have to have” for businesses, diversity experts say.