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Talent management news from around the web: July 18 – 22, 2022

Written on Jul 22, 2022

What the next generation of tax pros wants from the profession  
The next generation of tax professionals are at a different place in their lives and careers than the owners of the firms they are applying to. 

5 things every remote leader should do 
With years of experience as a remote worker and a remote manager, an executive shares her advice to others taking on the role of remote manager. 

How to train new hires virtually 
Mostly, all anybody talks about lately when it comes to their staff is people quitting and the shortage of new talent. It's good to remember many people are actually still hiring, and it's important to think about your onboarding process for your new team members, especially if they're working remotely. 

More companies are trying out the 4-day workweek. But it might not be for everyone 
A growing number of white-collar employers are exploring new avenues to make work life more appealing. One of them — the four-day workweek — considers if workers really need to be working a 40-hour week.  

As states and cities raise minimum wage rates, some experts say a higher federal rate is long overdue 
Workers earning minimum wage are getting an income boost in some parts of the U.S., thanks to higher pay rates that went into effect this month.