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Supreme Court orders new congressional map

Written on Jul 22, 2022

Provided by Hannah News Service

In another 4-3 split ruling, the Ohio Supreme Court invalidated the second set of congressional district boundaries adopted by the Ohio Redistricting Commission earlier this year, ordering lawmakers to produce a new one within 30 days. 

Under Article XIX of the Ohio Constitution, if lawmakers don’t act to respond to the invalidation of the map, the Ohio Redistricting Commission would then have another 30 days to draw a new map. 

The ruling does not appear to affect the coming November contests. Ohio voters have already selected general election candidates via a May congressional primary using the now-invalidated map. One of two groups of plaintiffs in the litigation specifically requested relief for the 2024 election, noting the time needed for lawmakers or redistricting commissioners to draw a new map and the potential for federal court intervention. The decision to target changes for the 2024 election cycle sparked consternation among some redistricting advocates.  

The Ohio Redistricting Commission adopted a revised congressional map March 2 after the initial map, enacted by lawmakers in 2021, was also struck down.