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Nonprofit news from around the web: July 18 – 22, 2022

Written on Jul 22, 2022

The IRS is the gatekeeper for charities, but approves 99.96% of all applications 
The tax agency is the gatekeeper for America’s charity system, but reduced vetting has opened the door to scams. 

Top 6 reasons to focus on recurring donations for nonprofits 
When a donor signs up for a recurring donation online, there are no checks to mail and no monthly reminders needed, eliminating a lot of expense and hassle for the nonprofit. Discover the benefits of recurring donations. 

How (and why) nonprofits are supporting the mental health of their employees 
Supporting employee well-being as part of a nonprofit’s culture can enhance sustainability and improve its team’s ability to respond to crises over the long-term. Nonprofits around the county are leading campaigns to encourage their staff to rest and address burnout. 

How to make a gift chart to reach giving goals 
One of the most critical tools in an annual giving director’s toolkit is a gift chart. Follow this 4-step process to create your own.